Ki needs to vent

If a boiling kettle can't vent steam, it explodes.

If our homes aren't ventilated, they become stagnant breeding grounds for germs and impurities. Similarly, if we visualize qi (ki / chi) coursing around and through our bodies, we can understand how this force needs both an
entrance point and an escape valve. A main entrance is the medulla
oblongata, and two main exit points lie in the center of our palms. The spot on each palm is called
Laogong, or Palace of Anxiety, and it's associated with outflowing ki energy from the heart, whose protection is a main duty of the pericardium. Laogong, point number 8 on the Pericardium line, also goes by the name Labor Palace.

It is surmised that too much
ki energy building up in the protective
pericardium can lead to heart disease.

Palace of Anxiety / Pericardium 8

Palace of Anxiety

The word anxiety is related to the word angst, stemming from the Latin angustia, meaning in part 'twisted rope.'
Angustia / angst

Haven't we all felt like this at times?

Definition of angst:
A feeling of anxiety, apprehension,
or insecurity. (And possibly related to a buildup of excess ki in our bodies.)
Birch leaves from banya

If you get a massage in a Russian banya (bath house), prepare to have your body slapped all over with birch leaves. The slapping helps disperse excess ki that's risen upwards from slumbering tissues.

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