Front of the body

As with a traditional Western-style massage, our little tour of pressure points on the body ends where we feel most exposed: the front of our torso.
Working here is an exercise in fulfilling at least three main intentions:
relieving fatigue, boosting resistance, and calming down the nervous

Just under the clavicle, on each side, we find the first point on the Lung line. It's known as Letting Go, suggesting that we're holding onto an unneeded emotion or mind-set because it provides us with a dysfunctional payoff. Find the indentation just before your arm begins. Working here is said to relieve fatigue, possibly because it drains our energy to hang onto beliefs and attitudes that don't work.

Lung 1
(Letting Go), has also been
tagged the
Central Treasury or Middle Palace.

Working here can possibly
alleviate pain in the shoulders and upper back.
Central Treasury
Middle Palace

Now work inward along this groove under the clavicle until you start nudging up against the breastbone. Working here can begin to balance emotions and their corresponding energies. When emotions run ragged and our energy is in the tank, our immune system is depressed. This is the scenario we want to counteract as we work this double-spot called the Elegant Mansion (Kidney 27).

Elegant Mansion / K27

Now let's move front-center to a powerful spot known as the Sea of Tranquility (Conception Vessel 17). Located in the center of the breastbone, it helps integrate various energies surging through the trunk of our body. This integration appears to alleviate anxiety, and it wouldn't hurt to ask your partner to breathe a little more deeply here. Working on the Sea of Tranquility is also said to benefit the thymus gland, again helping to diminish any sense of angst -- the twisted rope.

The Eagle has landed

Take this opportunity to work gently just below the base of the breastbone/sternum. It's a gathering point for energies in the upper body, and a side-benefit is that you help free up the under-appreciated diaphragm muscle. This is the solar plexus area, also known as the Middle Tan Den.
Tan Den means 'field of elixer,' and the elixir in question is ki. Working here is also said to counteract our deeply
ingrained mechanisms of self-invalidation.

Double-dome of diaphragm

As long as you're working beneath the breastbone, move down to the Sea of Energy (Conception 6), two fingers below the belly button. You're encouraging energy to
emanate from our core, our Tan Den, which is about the size of a golf ball (though some say it
encompasses much of the pelvic basin). You might even help reduce lower back pain at the same time. Make small circles with low pressure but high intention. People with a weak tan den tend to have
weaknesses in their lower back.

Size of hara
Location of hara

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