On the back

Our first stop is a point we don't even aim for directly, nor is it precisely on the back, though it gets worked as we do full-body crisscrosses of the torso during the regular massage sequence. The red spot on the left indicates the general
location of a major point known as the Universal Luo (luo = net), or balancing point of all the energy meridians
coursing through the body. It helps
redistribute energies that may be clogged up disproportionately in any given area. The spot is also known as Da Bao, or Great Embracement.  In my view, well-distributed energies lead to greater presence of mind.
Also known as Great Enhancement
Da Bao / Spleen 21
Heavenly Rejuvenation / Triple Warmer 15
Bearing Support / Vital Diaphragm

Hitting a point subconsciously / intuitively

The guy pictured here is subconsciously hitting a spot probably because it brings a relief he can vaguely articulate. (Our fingers have an intelligence of their own, it is said, and fortunately so; this way we don't have to rely as much on charts.) He's hitting the outside edge of a key area known as the Sea of Vitality, which is less of a spot actually and more of a small region, as the term implies. If he moved each thumb inward a couple notches he'd be on the inside border of the region. This area is in line with the belly button and is said to boost our resistance to ailments. It also helps channel energy into our core region, the place from which effective movement stems.
(Technically speaking, the region consists of Bladder Points 23 and 47, between L2 and L3, on the quadratus lumborum muscle.)
Sea of Vitality

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