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Walk Three More Miles / Stomach 36

Over the centuries, it is said, Chinese armies discovered that by stimulating a point toward the outside of the
foreleg -- small toe side -- one could rejuvenate a soldier for his next leg of duty. (Most points have been
discovered by trial-and-error this way.) In due time it became customary in parts of China to stimulate this point every three miles, and hence the name,
Walk Three More Miles or Three Mile Point.

To find this point, feel down your right leg to your main center bone, the tibia. Now work to the right and you'll feel a cushiony indentation between the tibia and your "side bone," or fibula. Once you're on the right spot you'll feel a muscle flex as you lift your foot. This is point 36 along the Stomach line, and it's said to relieve digestive
disturbances including constipation and excess gas, conditions that drain the body of its energy.

Finding ST36

Click on the photo for a short YouTube video displaying some pretty good form finding Stomach 36 amid an
atmosphere of integrity:

(Note: Some practitioners advise against the circular rubbing techniques, encouraging instead a straightforward press.)

Commanding Middle / Bladder 54

Although the back of the knee is a delicate area that should be touched only superficially at most times, one spot stands out here. It's known as Commanding Middle, point 54 on the Bladder meridian. The Chinese noted its ability to help alleviate pain in the lower back.

Don't rely so much on force or pressure here. Instead, learn how to convey
intention with your fingers. Light brushing or
feathering here will also convey some of the results you want to deliver.

An effective full-body massage sequence includes presses into the buttocks using the thumbs,
forearm and elbow. One can't help but miss the point shown on the left, about one-third of the way in from the bony protrusion on the side of the hip known as the greater trochanter.

The spot shown here is known as
Jumping Circle or Jumping Round, which is what your partner can do literally if you work too hard and deep. Working here can help restore fluidity to the pelvic basin and can relieve pain in the lower back.

GB30 / Jumping Circle

Gallbladder 30

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