Helps release the diaphragm
Solar plexus point of foot aka Gushing Spring

When we get to the hand we'll talk about the Palace of Anxiety. But our next stop on the body takes us to its corollary point, found on each foot, and known as Bubbling Springs, pictured here. It's an overall relaxation point that can also reputedly assist with cases of impotence. (I like to form a fist and bend the top third of the foot over this point, also known as Kidney 1). This spot is deeply connected with our solar plexus and diaphragm, and is thus a stabilizing point for our nervous system.

It's also known as the Yongquan point, and encouraging excess ki to outflow from here helps clear the mind, as if you're allowing the silt to settle to the bottom of a pail of water. This point is also known as
Gushing Spring or
Bubbling Wells.

I cannot help but see the image of gushing springs as an accurate metaphor for the reality of excess ki discharging from our bodies.

Midway between the inner ankle and the achilles is an oft-mentioned spot called Bigger Stream or Great Surge (Kidney 3). In addition to strengthening the immune system, it helps relieve fatigue and
irritability (I'm beginning to view irritability and 'antsy-ness' as reflections of excess ki roiling around.) 

Bigger Stream / K3

Toe roll = neck roll

Don't forget to roll around the big toe in a wide circle. The range of motion here roughly matches the ROM in the neck. As you work it, some recipients may feel goosebumps on their scalp. I occasionally get reports of slight electrical charges or crawling sensations in the upper body. If you feel "crunchies" while doing this, chances are the person has a stiff neck or some vertebral misalignment.

Work a stiff neck from here
Big toe sets the tone

The pad of the big toe (as with the tip of the thumb) contains the zone for the
pituitary gland, which can be described as the "overarching steering element" for the body. (I'll stick with "conductor of the orchestra.")

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