Migraine point

A critical junction on our tour of
major pressure points is the
medulla oblongata, located at the midpoint of the occipital ridge (the lowest portion of our rear skull). It's been called the "power station" of life forces. When the head is tilted back just right your finger will find the right indentation to press up and in. Occasionally the recipient will feel a slight charge or energy boost.

This spot has also been called the
Brain's Household because it's the entrance through which ki, our life force, enters the brain. Some people consider this an effective spot to help relieve migraines.

Try not to miss this spot during a massage sequence.

Medulla oblongata, in center

Also work the Gates of Consciousness (Gall Bladder 20), located in the hollows on either side of the Brain's Household. They're spaced about two to three inches apart from each other.
Gates of Consciousness / GB20

A finger-width below this point,
located on either side of the spine (on the fleshy bands of muscle), is a spot known as the
Heavenly Pillar (Bladder 10). It is said to relieve anxiety and bring clarity of mind.

Heavenly Pillar / BL10

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