Master Omega Point

Main Omega Point of the ear

If you notice the puncture mark on this ear, presumably for the
earring, this would be right about the spot you'd hit to help promote psychological well-being. The ear is laden with over 200 specific spots, so precise work is left to specialists, but this shouldn't stop the average person from working the ear lobes in particular. It's a delicious feeling. Rub them like you're rinsing dirt off a shrimp. This spot is also referred to sometimes as the
Master Omega Point.

In the upper portion of the ear, just beneath the curled ridge (helix), you'll notice a little indentation called the fossa triangularis. Get your pinkie to work around this Shen Men Point, or "gate of the gods." You'll help produce a calming effect and perhaps alleviate some discomfort. Shen Men (shenmen) has also been translated as Heavenly Gate.

While we're near the top of the head, search out a special point called Baihui, which means "meeting point for 100 points." This point governs all other points and meridians in the body, and it corresponds to the highest of the chakras, the one known as the Crown. If you draw two lines, one from ear to ear and the other from nose to medulla oblongata, this spot is near or at the convergence. This spot fosters wholeness (integrity) of the energetic systems running through the body.
Balancing intuition and reason

Baihui is considered point 20 along the Governing Vessel. A few notches down, between the eyebrows, lies the Third Eye Point (Governing Vessel 24.5). This point stimulates the all-important pituitary gland. This is the master
endocrine gland and stimulation here enhances the
condition of the skin throughout the body. The Third Eye Point also helps foster greater communication between the logical and intuitive lobes of the brain. It's also a
gateway, serving as the Upper Tan Den, for our powers of communication with the outside world. And as the name implies, when this area is unstuck we become more
balanced in our reasoning/intuitive powers.

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