From the point of view of leading energy flows through the body, our work here can be seen as preparation for working the Palace of Anxiety on the palm.
Crooked Marsh Pericardium 3


The literature on pressure points in the forearm leans toward at least one recurring theme, not always expressed directly: the alleviation of anxiety. If one views the work here as helping to lead excess energy away from the heart toward the portal of the palm, it begins to make even more sense.

Pictured above is a pretty accurate depiction of where to find point number 3 on the Pericardium line (also known as the Heart line.) The spot is known as Crooked Marsh (aka Crooked Pond), indicating an awareness that
energy can stagnate at this point if not nudged along. Remember, it's not so much the
press you apply to this delicate area,
the intention behind it.

As we approach the crease of the wrist, about two & a half cuns
(finger-widths) away, we hit the
Inner Gate. This is point number 6 on the Pericardium line, and pressing here is said to help clear the mind. Again, our intention is to direct energy flows toward the palm.

Pericardium 6

A little further along in our journey up the
forearm we hit the entranceway to the palm: the
Spirit Gate, also known as the Mind Door. (Remember, as we work up the forearm we gravitate toward the pinkie side.)

Besides affecting our state of well-being by providing a transferal effect to the pelvic floor (note how the base of the palm resembles the buttocks), we're helping to settle down a
person who 'thinks too much' -- possibly
because there's too much stagnant
ki churning around in the head.

A feature of hitting the Spirit Gate is that you'll know you're on the right spot when you hit a little divot and your thumb glides in just nicely, thank you.

Spirit Gate / Mind Door

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