Three fishing tips

Some anglers collect grunt worms by "fiddling" -- rubbing an ax head or piece of steel on a wooden stake driven into the ground. But the stake shown on the left will produce stronger vibrations with less effort and will help you get more worms.

Cut notches every 1/2 inch along a 30-inch stake. Make a point on one end and drive the stake about a foot into the ground.

Rub another stick
rapidly up & down the saw cuts.

A simple cradle made from netting and wood.

The netting is tied
at the ends so the fish don't slide out.

Also, you can reduce your consumption of harmful chemicals by eating small fish
of a given species, rather than large ones.
The small fish have had less time to accumulate pollutants. 

Taken from "Fishing Tips & Tricks" (1990) Creative Publishing