Massage & Fatigue

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'An overwhelming number of patients who visit
doctors -- for whatever reason -- display a sense of fatigue and loss of vitality.'
- from "The Alexander Principle: How to Use Your Body
Without Stress" (1973), by Wilfred Barlow, MD.
(Barlow worked closely with F.M. Alexander for ten years and was a consultant to Britain's National Health Service. Alexander was one of the premier proponents of 'awareness through proper movement' of the 20th century.)
F.M. Alexander from Tasmania

F.M. Alexander

It may be fair to assert that fatigue, therefore,
is an underreported epidemic in our country, and
perhaps worldwide.  A condition reaches epidemic status when it affects a disproportionately large
percentage of the population at the same time.
Who among us does not know someone who's
fatigued much of the time?

One definition and/or indicator

Dr. Hans Selye (1907-1982) is considered one of the leading medical writers of the past century, and his work is
referenced in dozens of health-oriented books. Selye broadly defines stress as the point where the body's innate supply of "adaptation energy" is exhausted or depleted.
According to Selye, a vital index or measuring rod to
determine one's level of stress is this: the predilection to become fatigued. We know we're at this point when we lose our
joie de vivre, our buoyancy. As a corollary, we as
masseurs can be fairly confident we've alleviated stress, and possibly even a bout of fatigue, when this buoyancy returns to our friend on the massage table.

Hans Selye, author of 'The Stress of Life'

Hans Selye, former
professor of surgery, University of Montreal
Similar to the lions guarding the New York Public Library

Irony / paradox

Curiously, it is reported that  many run-down individuals
are in overdrive when they should rest and sleep, yet tired and weak when they need to handle life's daily
responsibilities. This seeming paradox is a "signature" of the fatigue condition.

The paired lions of Paradox &
Confusion, which guard the truth.

Fatigue & massage in history

Hindu writing dating from 1800 BC
indicates that massage was used for weight reduction and to aid sleep, foster
relaxation and combat fatigue.
Jain Temple

Stress =
the predilection
to become fatigued.

Jain Temple, Rajasthan, India
Historically, temples are associated with the practice of massage

(Predilection =
inclination or predisposition)

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