Theories and assertions regarding fatigue

Depictions of brainwave activity

In the course of our day -- thinking,
concentrating -- our brainwaves
resonate on the beta frequency. The more anxious or angry we become, the higher we go into Beta. If we stay there too long, we not only undermine our
immune system but become fatigued and accident-prone. Deep relaxation takes us into the much slower alpha frequency, a meditative, trance-like state that
recharges us even more than sleep.
From "The Complete Body
Massage" (1992) by Fiona Harrold
At the time, Harrold was director of the London College of Massage.

If you don't wake up enthusiastic in the morning, that's a good sign you're out of touch with your life's purpose. Most of us are "too busy being busy" to ever get a glimpse of our purpose.
Constant fatigue is another sign
we're out of touch.
From "Self Matters" (2001) by Phillip McGraw ("Dr. Phil")
Dr. Phil
Temple of Doom

A tense scalp can slow down
the superficial blood flow,
contributing to poor sleep.
From "The Healing Touch of Massage"
(1995) by Carlo De Paoli
De Paoli is an osteopath and
aromatherapist in London

'Restive energy' theories:

When the strokes of massage successfully deal with tension, the locked up energy immediately becomes available. For some, this might manifest itself as a
desire to tackle a long overdue job, but paradoxically the release of energy can also lead to a long, deep,
refreshing night's sleep.
From "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Massage"
(1997) by Stewart Mitchell (Exeter, England)
Counting sheep

Massage can help alleviate
insomnia brought upon by
restless thinking and depression brought upon by exhaustion.
(Mirka Knaster, op. cit.)

'Until neuromuscular
relaxation is achieved,
the mind cannot rest.'
From "Soft-Tissue
Manipulation" (1980/1988) by Leon Chaitow
Chaitow, of London, is one of the prime figures in the field of academic bodywork research.
Dr. Chaitow
ki analogy

From an Asian perspective, the ki energy is just swirling uncontrolled around the head. We have to channel this energy downwards.

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