Don't use at full strength

Essential oil of choice, as of this writing (2011): Pine needle, mixed in sparingly with your regular (also known as carrier) oil. It's said to calm and soothe frazzled nerves.

Experienced campers are known to make refreshing teas from pine needles, high in Vitamin C content. (Mash them up first.)
Pine oil

Let's also be honest and not guarantee
the result of a solid night's sleep:
A problem beyond our scope

'I really don't think a simple neck massage is going to get rid of your headaches.'

Final note

In my practice I have worked with more than a few clients who have reported, post-massage, a richness of sleep to which they were unaccustomed. Many more could barely move once the
massage was over, asking tongue-in-cheek to hang out on the
table for another hour.

Please do not take this as a promise or prediction that you would experience the same results, though the odds are certainly not against you. I am simply reporting objective
observations and comments, from the field, of past events.
Peter Gunn

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