Scranton-Pocono massage / Northeastern Pennsylvania
Quadratus lumborum

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30 years' experience / phone / license number

Who does it:

My name is Mike O'Hara, and over the last 30 years I've
developed what I consider one of the more
efficacious massage sequences found anywhere in the
Pocono Northeast. The session takes 70 minutes to
complete, it's affordable, and it has an audacious intent:
to reconstitute your entire disposition.
This sequence expands upon the
traditional Swedish model of massage, the type you find at
Scranton / Poconos / Wallenpaupack / Wyoming Valley

better health clubs,
resorts and spas.
It also incorporates
elements of
Eastern techniques
as well as
movements integral to sports massage.
Right thumb is engaging lower trapezius

Purposes of the massage:
ITB - Ilio-tibial band / releases the knee

The purpose of this massage sequence is not
remedial, meaning I focus less on alleviating
physical conditions that annoy you. The intent,
on the contrary, is forward-looking, proactive if you will, aimed at enhancing your ability to engage life to a more accomplished degree.
It's a Chinese belief that pride & arrogance get lodged in the upper back

If you don't feel the effects for up to two or three days, I consider your time on the table to be a failure. For an extended discussion of the proactive nature of this massage, scan through the highlights of my online book on
sports massage.

Instructional video:

Fee Structure

You can watch the full
100 minutes of my
instructional massage
video on YouTube.
All factors considered, and at the risk of possible
self-delusion, this could be the leading massage video of its type in the world:
Mike O'Hara / Scranton, PA
Comprehensive review of massage literature
Video: Proactive massage

The published literature in the field of bodywork is extensive, but the
definitive work has yet to be written. To that end, let's review highlights from some
130 key massage texts,
of interest to both
beginner and
seasoned pro alike.

Framework for online
Accessing the diaphragm line of the foot
Elbow work to the spinae erectors
Massage and fatigue

As a conscientious practitioner of massage, I fully endorse the
Code of Ethics established by the American Massage
Therapy Association.
Releasing the suboccipital region
Hacking the hammies Sports massage / thumper


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