General plan of action

As should be obvious to you, work can only be done within the context of a community. We need to work quietly among ourselves in a highly cooperative, sharing environment where one looks out for the other. We shouldn't seek media attention, as our work would likely get misinterpreted. If as individuals we're fulfilling our call to prepare, I believe the right people will find us.

On the whole, there are three main areas we need to address, and this web site will take a look at each of them:

  • Energy production
  • Food production
  • Shelter construction
In addition, here are some issues we need to address, some general tasks we can start dealing with, as well as the mental approach we can take. Our quality of life after the pole shift will be in direct proportion to the depth of our planning and preparation beforehand.

Safe Location
What with melting poles, heaving oceans, and tidal waves of titanic force, the Atlantic is expected to reach inland as far as the Appalachians. In addition, mountainous terrain will be rolling and heaving, as new mountains and hills are formed within the course of minutes, as they were during the previous pole shift. Additionally, we will experience hurricane-force winds and possibly massive earthquakes. One solution is to move further inland, into an unannounced area, away from existing mountains. This location will preferably contain deep water reserves, as groundwaters may be poisoned. Groups may need to make this move some two to three months prior to the shift, allowing enough time to acclimate to the surroundings. However, this may be delayed by the responsibilities we may feel toward others who will only accept what we're saying in the last few weeks before the shift, if then.

Weeding out of STS's
This will be one of our most difficult tasks. The challenges of post-shift life will be so severe, requiring so much cooperation and selflessness, that we cannot accept
anyone who exhibits the typical self-absorption and non-reliability of someone in the service-to-self orientation. We all have STS's in our lives, even within our families, and separating ourselves from them may cause us anguish, but it must be done. STS's might talk a good game, but when push comes to shove, they turn inward and watch out only for #1. Police officers have a saying that goes "If you can't trust your partner, you're dead." The same will apply to us, as STS's can literally get us killed after the shift. On the other hand, STS's will eventually weed themselves out, saving us a lot of the "dirty work," ha ha. Water seeks its own level, as they say.

Getting out the Word
Oh what a tough call. Most people aren't ready to hear, but every once in a long while we might meet someone who we think should know. But even then it's not easy. We might wonder, "Why burden them with information that's so unpleasant? Why risk our credibility with them? Why not mind our own business, go on in silence, and let them find out somehow on their own?," however cruel that may sound and painful it may feel. On the whole, we don't need to waste our time telling anyone and everyone about what's ahead in May 2003. Everyone is on their own time schedule to hear, and that's a matter out of our hands. We just need to prepare by ourselves, and if we sense that someone is ready to find out what's up, we can tell them. In certain cases to not tell someone would be irresponsible and heartless, but at the same time, we can't expect these people to accept what we're saying. If we really care about them we'll pass the word gently, giving them the space to choose their own present and future freely, in the manner they see fit, with no expectation on our part whatsoever. To do anything less would be to deny them their integrity.

Attitude / Frame of Mind
Here are three considerations that often run through my head:
  • How is it possible to prepare for the unpreparable?
  • How can we possibly find enough people who have the foresight to prepare and the willingness and ability to work together as a community?
  • How can we possibly make it through the post-shift situation, when all of society's traditional support mechanisms and infrastructure have been destroyed?
I believe my usual frame of mind, the one I approach life with most often, is inadequate to the task. But did you ever notice that when we really get mad and make up our mind to do something, more often than not it gets done? I've noticed it in football, where with a slight uptick in my attitude I've caught passes I never could have dreamed of catching ordinarily. So I believe that the job of adequately preparing for and surviving the pole shift will be dependent upon our ability to sustain a long-term attitude breakthrough, one that tells us "Yes, we can achieve the impossible, if we put our minds to it." To keep this attitude alive, we'll all have to be each others' best coaches and cheerleaders. Attitude is that important.

Dietary and Physical Preparation
Most of us are plain fat and soft, with a diet rich in sugars and carbohydrates. Go buy the book "The Atkins Diet" and learn how the food industry has a vested interest in pounding unnecessary sugars and carbs down our mouths. Physically, we are
woefully unprepared for what's ahead of us, so we need to get out there and run, bike, hike, swim, lift, or whatever it takes to harden up our bodies. Through the Atkins Diet, I've gone from a size-37 waist to a size 29, and I immediately lost the desire to take an afternoon nap, giving me more time to work every day. Along these lines, we need to prepare ourselves now for the long hours of work and the little bit of sleep that may be possible. For instance, I tend to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, pace myself so I stay awake during the day, and then try to push out an extra hour or so of work in the evening, even though I'm tired. I believe this type of preparation will pay off. Even now, the workload involved with preparation is huge.

This will be discussed in depth on this site, since we all need to learn vegetable gardening now. There's only one growing season left, and the weather in 2002 may not be especially cooperative. In addition, we need to understand the principles and techniques of effective gardening now so as to carry this knowledge into the aftertime. By aftertime, I mean the post-shift world beyond May of 2003.

Gathering Tools and Other Materials
Start gathering hand tools now, not power tools, as we'll probably be living without an electric grid for years to come. What little electricity we can generate for ourselves will be directed primarily toward maintaining our hydroponic vegetable tanks. Don't throw away clothing, especially shoes. Save needles and thread, and for God's sake, start stocking up on non-hybrid (heirloom) seeds. Hybrid seeds produce just one plant for one season, but non-hybrids create plants that can reproduce. We also need to save educational materials for the young. The list of things we need to save and stock up on can be exhaustive, some of them are listed on this site, and other lists appear on the Troubled Times site.

Becoming More Aware
Responding to the challenges of the polar shift will require listening to a call that emanates from deep inside us. Who to associate with? How to prepare? For most of us, the call is either an unconscious response, or for those more attuned, a vague awareness that something momentous is about to happen. For instance, perhaps you've been interested in what are sometimes termed "New Age" activities, as you sense these provide more answers to life than do the more traditional routes. In many cases they do. Take the case of soul mates, a popular topic in new age circles, not to mention the self-help section of bookstores. They really do exist, though they aren't necessarily tied into the notion of finding the perfect romance, a point on which many authors -- themselves confused and unclear, often just chasing a buck -- create confusion and unrealistic hope in the reader. Soul mates are simply two individuals who have somehow assisted each other in previous lifetimes and have made arrangements before birth to meet again in this lifetime. If and when you meet a soul mate, you know. In this context, I see soul mates as individuals who have determined to assist each other in the choices each needs to make as the pole shift approaches. Some of these choices may be gut-wrenching, and a soul mate is a trusted comrade, from previous lifetimes, to help the other person sort things out. (I know what I'm talking about here from first-hand experience.) For more on soul mates, you can check here: Soul Mates.

Paying Attention to Those Around Us
In many cases, the people who will survive the shift together are already our neighbors, and this has not happened by accident. For instance, I'm fortunate enough to live on a block in West Scranton with strong family values and neighbors who watch out for each other. A couple of those neighbors are the type who are always "fixing things" such as their sidewalks, roofs, and home interiors. Guess what that tells me about their readiness for a post-shift world? It tells me a lot of good things. So pay attention to those people already around you. They may be the ones already chosen to live with you after the cataclysms of May 2003. On the other hand, be on the lookout for people who have latched onto your goodwill and take up more of your time and energy than they are worth. They may have been sent to you by higher-level service-to-self entities in order to disrupt your life and distract you from the task of preparing spiritually, mentally, and physically for the coming pole shift.

Assistance in Our Choices
If we remain service-to-other (STO) in our activities and intentions, we may notice some unexpected assistance coming our way -- whether it's a new friend or a pay raise we didn't anticipate. One of the greatest minds of our century, Buckminster Fuller, discusses this concept in his book "Critical Path" (1980), and he terms it "precession." According to Fuller, when we're engaged in work the world truly needs done, little bits of assistance seem to come our way at times, as if magically, and often at the last possible moment and always unexpectedly. For instance, last year I went car shopping and was ready to buy a little Dodge Neon. When I came back to the lot a couple days later, the Neon had just been sold, to my disappointment. But as I poked around the lot a little bit, I noticed a nice looking minivan for the same price. Two days earlier it wasn't on the lot. Now when it comes to the work we need to do in preparation for the pole shift, a minivan sure beats a Neon, so I snatched the minivan up, knowing it wasn't placed on the lot by accident. It was there for me, and only me.

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