Photo gallery of massage techniques

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100-minute massage video
Up to 15  minutes on the back

Depending on your situation, up to a quarter of the massage can be spent on the back. The body settles down relatively quickly once we start working muscle away from the spinal region.

An effective way to loosen muscles straddling the spine (spinae erectors) is with
twisting fists (left), though
precise thumbwork (right) may be appropriate for troublesome spots.
These thumbs are not probing deeply
Spinae erector group
Helps prevent burnout of the thumbs

Some masseurs insist (with good reason) on using their elbows on these 'back straps', but if I'm going to use my
elbow anywhere it's going to be on your gluteals or feet.
One of the primary locations for knots
We encourage tension to release on its own terms

Forward presses with either the thumbs or the webbing next to them can also help undo shoulder tension. Presses are never to be underestimated, and mere grams of pressure can produce results.
A spot that tends to stiffen around age 40

A few moments at the juncture of the lower back and the pelvic ridge
(quadratus lumborum) can produce a
surprising degree of looseness in your step the next morning.
We move with the speed of a SLOW elevator

Conservative downward pressure for a few
moments on the lower back (ilio-sacral joint) can help alleviate that annoying
stiffness we might experience when getting up out of a chair.

Rapid hacking (right) or
pummeling (left) of the back simulates the Russian tradition of slapping a person all over in the sauna with birch leaves, a process that helps shake off
excess energy that can be
annoying to the heart.
It's a Chinese belief that pride and arrogance get lodged in the upper back Dissipation of excess ki

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