Sore feet can begin in the calves

The thumbs here are finding the center-line of musculature on the calf, from which muscle fibers are stretched laterally. The aim is to produce a 'good hurt' on the path to a greater spring in your step.
Our 'second heart'

The calves are then kneaded and wrung as if drying water out of a towel that's soaked all the way through. Of minor
significance, you think? Then why is the calf area referred to as the 'second heart' for its role in pumping deoxygenated blood back toward the heart and lungs?
Draining the thigh

The thigh is now drained with fist or forearm to help speed the process of draining stagnant fluids.

After lateral stretching and then kneading, the hamstrings  are wrung in both directions, a move that no one complains about. When a baseball player pops a hammie he can be out of commission for half a
season, so let's keep them
Moon over my hammie
An acupressure point directly related to well-being
The temperature of the foot is an indicator of ankle stiffness

This massage sequence does
not pretend to replace a 
treatment in foot reflexology, but I do apply presses up the
all-important center-line of the foot, pictured here.
One of the prime points on the entire body

A complete twist of both feet can bring relief to those with stiff backs. Bending the foot forward at Bubbling Springs encourages relaxation of the crucial
diaphragm muscle.
For a stiff neck, start here

Stretching and pulling the toes, with minimal force, facilitates the freer flow of nourishing ki energy throughout the body. It can also help alleviate
stiffness in the neck.

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