The gateway to releasing the legs

Gram for gram, the most powerful muscle group in the body is found in the glutes. This part of the massage often takes the most
concentration because of the tender muscles that almost never get proper attention. The masseur here is showing exquisite form . . . finger upon finger for precise pressure.

Loosening of the glutes can also
call for thumb, forearm and
occasional elbow pressure.
Anticipate a scant amount of
pleasant soreness then look forward to some increased hip mobility.
Unlike here, the recipient need never remove undergarments
Working the 'knee destroyer'

If all you get out of the massage is a more pliable ITB (ilio-tibial band) running from knee to hip, you may never need that knee or hip replacement during retirement age.
Lower rim of skull, sometimes worked for migraines
Vagus nerve - directly related to a state of well-being

The work on the neck is highly conservative but by no means less than beneficial. As a side-benefit we're also hitting (figuratively speaking, of course) the vagus nerve in the neck, a move that's reported to promote a general state of calmness.
By this point in a massage the recipient often has a sheepish grin on their face

Few people can resist the attention given to their foreheads. It may not remove wrinkles, but many massage recipients ask for more time spent here.

A disproportionate amount of tension accumulates in the
temples. The origin of this interesting word is unclear, though it may derive from the Latin for 'vital spot,' borrowed from the Greek kairos, or 'opportune time.' Note that the Greek concept of kairos is discussed on the 'Art & Philosophy of Massage' link found on this site. (Linked from main page.)
Temples / kairos
Combination drain/stretch

You can calm down a jittery
person just with a 5-minute hand massage, a nice thing to
remember next time you visit an agitated person in the hospital. In the center of the hand lies the
all-important Palace of Anxiety, a prime point for discharging
excess ki.
Palace of anxiety

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