Wringing is secondary to alleviating knots
Pulls and mobilizations help release the pelvic basin indirectly

As we return the hands from the forward draining movement, we can add a slight mobilization (pull, in this case) to the leg to encourage greater hip mobility.
Hold for about 7 seconds

The knee-to-chest stretch
encourages more flexibility in the gluteals and can provide a surprising degree of relief for stiff lower backs.
Traditional Thai stretch

If you can stretch to this full 90-degree
angle without discomfort, consider yourself lucky. The stretch is performed only to the first sign of resistance and then held for a good 5-7 seconds. The aim is to provide a nudge beyond the degree you can stretch yourself comfortably.
It's nearly impossible to perform this stretch alone

One of the greatest stretches on earth,
never performed until the massage is nearly
complete and the body is fully warmed and relaxed. Helps relieve stiffness in the lower back as it interacts with the pelvis, a spot
that notoriously stiffens after age 40. 
Notice how the
masseur's leg anchors the foot in place, or else the stretch would lose its effectiveness.

Arrow indicates
direction of pull

Here, in an optional move, the right leg is pulled underneath the left to help improve hip mobility. The left is also benefiting from the glute stretch at the same time, encouraging the pelvic basin to unwind. Watch the online video to follow the discussion how the pelvic basin plays the most vital of roles in achieving that elusive state we call well-being.
Can help alleviate soreness in the hips after running
A gentle stretch of the piriformis and hip rotators

Another optional move after the leg mobilizations that helps
relieve discomfort due to
impingement of the sciatic nerve. In all these stretches and
rotations, the key word is
conservative. We're not trying to build Rome in a day.
True abdominal massage requires advanced training

As in all moves, kneading of the
abdominal region is performed fully draped. It's an optional move designed to provide a sense of completion. It's followed by a slight back-lift to help
provide fluidity to the spot where the pelvic bone meets the sacrum.

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