However, when we are in touch with our genuine self, with
that intrinsic space of well-being we're all entitled to,
we'll have benchmarks that show up, including:

A heightened sense of humor
(we lighten up)


A renewed sense of purpose

More clarity in communication
Said Rolf, this is the vital index of one's psycho-spiritual

A break from our cycles of worry
(says Dr. Herbert
Benson, author of The Relaxation Response)

But perhaps more important, we can't help but spread this aroma toward others, from which I've developed my own 'Fundamental Principle': "Well-being is self-extending."

Fundamental principle:

Well-being is passed on spontaneously

'When people feel pleasure, as they usually do during a
massage, they focus on the
present moment
rather than staying involved with worries and preoccupations.'
- neurochemist Candace Pert
'Molecules of Emotion' by Candace Pert

'Well-being is
(We can't help
but pass it on.)

To achieve these spaces in life with any degree of regularity is
not an act of selfishness, I would suggest, but an exercise in
maximizing our life's potential. I'll leave it to you to determine whether my instructional video on the art of massage helps
provide such a roadmap in a way that works.
Point of clarification
Filmed by Joe Barlow

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