Ki is not a self-contained unit:
Much has been written of the "life force" or chi or libido that dwells within us, but Maltz suggests something a little different: that it flows through us as if we are
conduits or channels, not self-contained receptacles. Some people have a "strong constitution," and it's the result of more than just the food they eat. Neurologist J.A. Hadfield points out that several eminent psychologists tend towards the same view, and that this force is not of our own making (
The Psychology of Power, 1919). If this force does indeed flow through us, it helps explain the ages-old admonition to get our egos out of the way and let the Higher Intelligence do its job.

Even the eminent Carl Jung discussed how this force at times provides our impulse toward nutrition and other times manifests itself as the sexual urge.

It has a cleansing effect:
It feels like an electrical current coursing through the body, cleansing and energizing it. At first the energy may be
limited to one's spine, but over time it can spread to our arms, legs and head.

Once awakened, this force fosters an enhanced sense of conscience. It helps dissolve fear, anger, lack of faith,
distrust, and harmful agendas (just as Maslow described). In their place it helps foster generosity, compassion,
gratitude, forgiveness and tolerance.

Ki has a cleansing effect

It's worth noting that what are considered the four most comprehensive set of
pain-relief acupuncture points (mid-leg, mid-arm, and back of neck) help open up the ki channels:

1) Stomach 36
(Walk Three More Miles), on the side of the shin

2) Gallbladder 36 (waiqiu, or outer hill), midpoint approximately of outside edge of
fibula (side of shin)

3) Pericardium 4 (Xi Cleft gate), approximately at the midpoint of the palmar aspect (palm side) of the forearm. (A Xi Cleft point is a spot where the ki of the meridian is deeply converged.) The pericardium is a protective membrane surrounding the heart, and too much buildup of ki here can lead to heart problems.

4) Governing Vessel 16 (wild mansion / medulla oblongata at the base of the skull)

These points are basically mid-arm and legs, in
addition to the back of the neck. Also note that in
various breathing patterns and exercises the breath passes through this last point, the medulla oblongata.

In general, ki flows much more easily through joints that move freely and have space within them than through those that are stiff and contracted.

If the freer flow of ki approaches anything like a "mystical" experience, it addresses itself to the whole being, not just the intellect. It opens our eyes to higher realities, and development of our character seems to be a prerequisite for its arrival (shades of what Einstein said above).

Ki is not linear

Spiral motion of ki

Cooperation (love at the group level?)
If the renewed coursing of ki through our psyches lives up to its billing, we can see how it leads to a enhanced sense of cooperation with others. Thus it can impact the family and wider community. Cooperation with people creates a different mindset than that of exploiting them (there's no circuitry or true communication in the latter).

If true, this finding backs up my "fundamental maxim" that
well-being is self-extending (you can't help but pass it on).

From Daniel Goleman's
Emotional Intelligence: "The parasympathetic pattern, dubbed the relaxation
response, is a
body-wide set of reactions that generates a general state of calm and contentment, facilitating

Fundamental principle:

Spontaneous cooperation

Heart / Pumps
It can be said with a degree of confidence that an atmosphere of cooperation comes from the heart, while an atmosphere of control comes from the head. Ever since the time of the Rig-Veda, the set of sacred Indian writings, the heart rather than the head has been considered the true bridge between consciousness and the body.

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