Polarization of entities

The purpose of this site is to share solution sets among people who are aware of what may happen in May or June of 2003. The purpose is not to form an intentional community, though that may happen to some small degree. To prepare, we must anticipate living under conditions similar to those found over a hundred years ago -- no electricity, no gas heat, no phones, no TV, no cars, no 7-11's. These difficult conditions will not be by choice, of course. Rather they will be forced upon us by the devastation caused by the 12th Planet's periodic passage near earth.

Whichever way you decide to survive, you know you can't do it alone. You need to take a close look at those around you -- friends, family, neighbors -- and take an objective look at their spiritual orientation. The Zetas describe the phenomena, in depth, as "polarization of entities".

If you look around you (and most of you aware enough to look will be of the
service-to-other orientation), you'll notice that everyone seems to fall or lean into these three categories:

  • Service-to-self, where the focus is mainly on how one can improve their own lot in life, and their lot alone. Most of these folks claim to have the best interests of others in mind and can be smooth talkers in that regard.
  • Service-to-other, where the focus is on other people at least as often as it's on the self, in accordance with The Golden Rule. These people are frequently concerned with how they can make a genuine contribution to the world or local community, without seeking glory or credit. Service-to-other types are not necessarily "nice", nor are they pushovers, as the term might suggest.
  • Undecided, as are most people. Such people tend to seek stability and comfort in their life, with little challenge. Personally, I have no problem with stability, comfort, and a good income. But it's when these become the focus of our life that we lose sight of any contribution we can make to the world. Heck, for undecideds, making a contribution to the world is an alien concept. They'd rather party (nothing against parties). The consequences can be dire, as these are the people who'll be blind to any indications that a calamitous worldwide event may occur in May of 2003.

These are concepts I did not arrive at on my own, rather they form a major theme of the ZetaTalk site. According to the Zetas, the coming earth changes will coincide with a graduation of sorts, where mankind, which is now primarily service-to-self or undecided in nature, will become primarily (if not exclusively) service-to-other. This will be accomplished partly by a massive die-off of service-to-selves and undecideds as a result of the polar shift, accompanied by larger numbers of service-to-others who are now incarnating on earth at this time (so listen to children carefully). If you detect a ring of truth to what I'm saying here, chances are you're a service-to-other entity or else leaning strongly in that direction.

Which brings us back to the question of who to associate with in the final months before the shift. Since in conjunction with the polar shift the earth is scheduled to gradually move from a service-to-self toward a service-to-other habitat, we must emulate this trend by only associating with service-to-others (STO's) in a post-shift world. If you look at your own life, you may notice you've been moving in this same direction without even knowing it. For instance, you may have left jobs (or got booted) where most everyone else, especially the corporate and managerial structure, was decidedly service-to-self (STS).  Your deep-down integrity told you to get out, though on the surface your departure may have felt painful and confusing.

Polarization of entities is already happening to our world on a larger scale. If you look around, you'll notice that STS's and STO's are becoming increasingly separated. For example, you can notice it along community lines whereby some older towns in the region are placid places with a strong sense of community -- hallmarks of the STO mindset. However, drive into certain suburbs with their palatial homes and you'll find some of the most service-to-self types imaginable, those who hardly know their neighbors and who hardly care and who view STO towns  with a certain contempt. (But their house cost 250-grand so at least the relatives are

On a local level, one flagrant example of extreme service-to-self behavior is the name of the so-called "Wilkes-Barre"/Scranton Airport -- the only airport in the world named
backwards. This backwards name is little more than childish grandstanding, the same as putting false credentials on a resume. It's the result of an egomaniac of a politician named Dan Flood, one of the most corrupt congressmen in American history. The level of pretense behind this name is astounding, and frankly speaking, this kind of behavior won't be allowed in a post-2003 world. A key aspect of STS thinking is that just like a child, an STS believes the world revolves around themself, which is the crux of the "Wilkes-Barre"/Scranton charade that causes our region such embarrassment by putting the name of a
town before the name of a city, making us sound like a bunch of blithering idiots.

Back to the main point. In order to create an environment that stands a fighting chance of making it through the post-shift years, you need to start weeding STS's out of your life now and to stop waiting on them. They already cause too much confusion in our lives, depleting our energies and preventing us from associating more with STO's. They try to lay guilt trips on us if we don't smother them with attention, and they rarely if ever create space for us. It's always the other way around. They rarely have our best interests in mind, just theirs.

Anyway, weeding out STS's is part of the practice we need to help us create effective survival groups built on a high degree of mutual trust, free of service-to-selves with whom placing such trust would be irresponsible on our part. Bottom line, through their self-absorption and lack of trustworthiness, STS's will stifle us, so they aren't allowed. I know I've hammered away at this matter to the point of excess, but that's how crucial it is. STS's can't be allowed, for reasons I will partly explain, so we need to be able to recognize them ahead of time. Please trust me on the importance of this. By the way, would you like to know where to easily find STO's? Go look in a nursing home and find the low-paid employees who get treated like dirt. These people are saints, in my opinion.

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