Signs to look for

The changes at hand will be due to the influence and close passage of an additional planet in our solar system, a planet well-known to ancient cultures. This planet travels in a rogue, highly elliptical orbit, is four times the size of earth, and was known as the 12th Planet to ancient cultures that considered the moon and sun to be planets as well.   

As this 12th Planet approaches earth for its periodic, 3,657-year
passage, due again around May of 2003, we can expect to see more of the following, as detailed on the pages of ZetaTalk and
Troubled Times:

  • Increased volcanic activity
  • Increased earthquake activity
  • Increased food shortages and rising food prices
  • Abnormal weather patterns, including severe droughts, storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. Locally for 2002, we may see strange warm and hot snaps followed by inexplicable cool and cold snaps, with an adverse affect upon plant and crop growth.
  • Heating of the earth's oceans from the bottom up. This has been seen in the El Nino effect as well as with unprecedented polar melt.
  • By 2003, we should detect a noticeable slowing of earth's rotation. Even now, your clocks might seem to be running a speck fast.

In addition, the 12th Planet is now visible to any major observatory, though it still lies beyond the orbit of Pluto. By the summer of 2002 it will be observable by amateur astronomers, and the coordinates are given on the ZetaTalk page as it approaches from the constellation Orion, as ancient cultures documented.

The planet was first sighted by American scientists in 1983, and the news made it to the front page of the Washington Post.

In early 2003, the 12th Planet will be observable by the naked eye, as it approaches in comet-like fashion. Seven weeks before the shift, it may become observable as a daytime, cross-shaped red star.
Several days before the shift, as it passes between the earth and the sun, depositing red dust across our planet and the moon, it will cause the earth's rotation to stop, an event chronicled across all
ancient cultures as well as in the Bible. The Bible also records how this dust turns our waters a blood-red color. If you wait until that point to prepare, you may as well kiss your ass goodbye.

After about three days of stopped rotation (around here it will be daylight), the earth's magnetic poles will suddenly align with the magnetic poles of the larger 12th Planet. To accomplish this, the earth will perform a 90-degree turn in about one hour, with the current North Pole ending up off the coast of Brazil. Once the poles of the two planets align and the quarter-turn comes to a stop, then the shit hits the fan and the cataclysms begin. History is rife with evidence of such prior shifts, and you don't have to look very hard to find it.

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