Posted on Tuesday, July 22:

  • The Contacts page has one additional listing today.

    Posted on July 13:
  • The Contacts page has one additional listing today.

    Posted on June 8:
  • An elegant crop circle appeared yesterday in England.

  • Moscow experienced an extremely rare snow in June this past week.

  • About three years ago on this site I described an encounter with an alien in 1994. The alien said, "You will have nine years." However, I've held back on sharing the second thing it told me, but now's the time. It said, and this is the exact phrase: "You will be of blue pills." Do what you want with that statement, because I'm not sure what it means either.

    Posted on May 11:
  • The Contacts page has one additional listing today.

    Posted on April 13:
  • The Contacts page has one additional listing today.

  • Reported sightings of Planet X are now being posted on the ZetaTalk site almost daily.

    Posted on March 23:
  • The Contacts page has two additional listings today.

  • A contributor to ZetaTalk estimates the 12th Planet has now passed the orbits of Pluto and Neptune, approaching the orbit of Uranus by Monday.

    Posted on March 8:
  • The Contacts page has one additional listing today.

  • A contributor to ZetaTalk now estimates that the 12th Planet will reach the orbit of Pluto by St. Patrick's Day (March 17). This person also calculates that it may be visible, possibly to the unaided eye, by March 26. This is only 2-1/2 weeks away.

    Posted on March 2:
    The Contacts page has two additional listings today.

    Posted on February 2:
    The Contacts page has one additional listing today.

    Posted on January 12, 2003:
    The Outdoor Survival page now includes a brief passage from the great "War & Peace" by Leo Tolstoy.

    Posted on December 29, 2002:
  • The Contacts page has an additional listing today.

  • The Long-Term Living page now includes highlights from the book "Five Acres & Independence" by Maurice Grenville Kains.

  • The 12th Planet continues to be photographed, and it is growing immensely as it approaches us.

    Posted on November 3:
    The Contacts page has two additional listings today.

    Posted on October 22:
    The Contacts page has an additional listing today.

    Posted on October 13:
    The Contacts page now has one additional listing.

    Posted on October 7:
  • The Contacts page now has two additional listings.

  • A number of spectacular fireballs have been seen around the world in the past week. These are possible precursors to the arrival of the 12th Planet.

  • As documented on the ZetaTalk site, the 12th Planet has now, in all likelihood, been photographed by amateur astronomers.

    Posted on September 7:
    NASA is floating a trial balloon. The space agency has been aware of the 12th Planet for years, and now they're allowing it to be mentioned on one of their kids pages.

    Posted on August 18:
    The Contacts page has an additional listing: Sam from British Columbia.

    Posted on July 28:
    The Contacts page has an additional listing: Jeanann from Iowa.

    Posted on July 21:
  • An impressive crop circle was reported Thursday in England.

  • You might consider getting out of the stock market now, as a crash may be imminent in the coming months or weeks.

    Posted on July 6:
  • The Long-Term Living page now includes notes from "Back to Basics" by Reader's Digest.

  • A huge, elegant crop circle was reported Thursday near Stonehenge, England. It's as wide as 2-1/3 American football fields.

    Posted on July 5:
    The Long-Term Living page now includes notes from "The Forgotten Arts & Crafts" by John Seymour.

    Posted on July 4:
    Several new items have been added to the suggested list of things to save. These items were mentioned in two books that will be reviewed on this site within the next week or so. These items are: An auger, a wedge for splitting wood, a blacksmith's hammer, a cauldron, chains, clamps, a crimper for working with light metals, a drawknife for stripping bark, hooks for darning, measuring tape, metal tongs, nail headers, a rolling pin, a rotary inverter, a scythe, a sickle, a sledgehammer, thimbles, a whisk, and a wrench set.

    Posted on May 25:
  • Still another major iceberg has broken free from Antarctica. This one is 34 miles long and 7 miles wide. These break-offs could be one more indication of earth's core warming up in response to an approaching 12th Planet.

  • Brown dwarfs are in the news this week. Many of those seen so far are classified as "free floating" planets, meaning they don't have the traditional orbit found within our solar system. This new one has been found near the constellation Orion, the place from which ancient cultures say the 12th Planet (a brown dwarf) will arrive.

    Posted on Sunday, May 19:
  • A daytime halo appeared around the sun over Miami on Friday afternoon. These are extremely rare. If we see more of these in the coming year, it could be due to increased amounts of volcanic ash in the atmosphere as volcanoes around the world react to the incoming 12th Planet.

  • The Contacts page has an additional listing: Kathy from California.

    Posted on May 18:
  • MAJOR NEWS: Yet another huge iceberg has broken free from Antarctica. This one's as large as the country of Luxembourg or the state of Delaware. Scientists are calling the current Antarctic thaw the most serious in 12,000 years.

    Posted on May 11:
  • MAJOR NEWS: Another huge iceberg has broken free from Antarctica. This one is ten times the size of Manhattan island.

  • According to the ZetaTalk site, the 12th Planet should be visible to amateur astronomers in the Northern Hemisphere by mid-July.

    Posted on May 6:
    Last week's tornado in Maryland may have been the strongest to hit the eastern United States -- ever. This gives me the chills, for it's the kind of weather event that would be consistent with Zeta predictions.

    Posted on May 1:
    Now that it's May, there's but one year left until the shift and the die-off of 90% of humanity. Personally, I'm blessed by having a cherished friend who makes me feel like I'm not alone in this world. She's my Advisor, and I love her dearly.

    Posted on April 30:
  • The Long-Term Living page now includes notes from "How to Live Without Electricity -- And Like It" by Anita Evangelista, though it's really not all that great.

  • Hmmmm, I'm running low on bath salts, and I don't like it one bit!

    Posted on April 29:
    Maryland experienced an F-5 tornado yesterday, with winds in the range of 261 to 318 miles per hour. The Reuters news service has described it as "the fiercest twister to hit the state in modern history." Expect more of this in the coming year.

    Posted on April 22:
    A new page starts today: Growing Herbs.

    Posted on April 21:
  • Rare for the region, an earthquake struck upstate New York yesterday morning. The U.S. Geological Survey measured it as a 5.1, while Canadian authorities called it a 5.5. It was felt as far south as Baltimore. Here in Northeast PA, a co-worker of mine who lives in Hamlin said some items were knocked off a shelf at her home.

  • This past week, regional temperatures remained 25 to 30 degrees above average for four days straight, and new temperature records were set at least twice.

  • Come to think of it, a great time for a massage is before work. Guaranteed, you'll be 'in the zone' for the rest of the day. Mondays and Tuesdays are best, 9 a.m. sharp, and bring me a coffee, OK? Cream only. (Sugar gets clumpy.)

    Posted on April 14:
    On a global basis, the month of March was the warmest since records of this type began in 1880.

    Posted on April 12:
    It's time to re-read the electrifying Zeta comments on Soul Mates. (Electrifying, I suppose, to those of us lucky enough to have the experience.) When you find yours, the words 'love', 'marriage', and 'lifetime commitment' take on a whole new meaning. So do the words "clumpy bath salts." (Inside joke!). Anyway, the Zetas have predicted that the experience of love will increase as the shift approaches, and they're right on target.

    Posted on April 9:
  • Check out this billboard in Moscow, Russia. It says "A new planet is approaching." Regardless of who erected this sign, the Russian government is fully aware of what's coming next year. I anticipate they'll be more open with their people than the American government will be with ours.

  • Now that it's April, there are but 13 months left until the polar shift.

    Posted on March 26:
  • A British scientist now concludes that Arctic ice is melting from the bottom up. This is consistent with the prediction that Earth's core will heat dramatically as the 12th Planet approaches, causing more unpredictable weather patterns.

  • "This is Mike O'Hara, hello." (Inside joke! Just stay on the line longer so I can tell you stuff!) Come on over after work sometime or else on a weekend morning (just let me know, because sometimes I'm at the gym). The table's ready, and of course I won't charge you. Just be sure you got 90 minutes (+ 50 years ! ! ! ).   :-)    :-)   :-)

    Posted on March 24:
    This site no longer emphasizes community formation. Be very careful of who you associate with.

    Posted on March 21:
  • The Long-Term Living page now includes notes from "Camping & Wilderness Survival" by Paul Tawrell.

  • MAJOR NEWS: Most of Antarctica's huge Larsen Ice Shelf has collapsed and disentegrated this week. Alongside a page-one photo, The New York Times said scientists were absolutely "stunned" by the speed of the breakup. "It's one of the major ice events of the last century," says University of Chicago glaciologist Douglas MacAyeal, an authority on icebergs. (In my opinion, the earth changes are beginning to accelerate.)

    Posted on March 17:
  • The Long-Term Living page now includes notes from a handy book called "Ice Fishing."

  • On Friday I received a comprehensive set of 54 different types of herb seeds, for use both this year and for long-term preservation into the post-shift years. My stock of vegetable seeds is also comprehensive, I'll keep adding to it, and I hope you're doing the same.

    Posted on March 10:
  • Australia's largest newspaper this past week discussed the possibility of a return of Planet X next year.

  • Spring is running three to four weeks ahead of time in Northeast Pennsylvania, as well as many other parts of North America. We are also experiencing rapid temperature fluctuations -- mild one day, frigid the next. This is not a good sign.

    Posted on March 4:
  • This one applies only to those of us in Northeast Pennsylvania: It is now time to limit and/or end any association with the town of Wilkes-Barre and much of the surrounding Wyoming Valley. This region is now a Service-to-Self (STS) enclave and will be obliterated during the shift. Any survivors from this area must not be allowed into surviving groups of Service-to-Others. They will drag down the entire group and prevent its acceleration into 4th Density Service-to-Other. I have known this for quite awhile but can now state it publicly because time is so short.

  • Besides a comprehensive set of vegetables, my prototype garden this year will contain an extensive selection of herbs. We must preserve herb seeds for future generations, so our list of items to save must contain them as well as a comprehensive selection of vegetable seeds.

    Posted on March 3:
  • One-third of the U.S. is now in a drought, and parts of the country have just experienced the warmest winter in over 100 years, with springtime conditions arriving three to four weeks early.

  • Now that it's March, there are only 14 months left until the shift. And there are only 12 months left until the 12th Planet becomes visible in the daytime sky, eventually appearing as large as the moon by May 2003.

    Posted on February 26:
    A new page begins today: Long-Term Living. The "Outdoor Survival" page feels complete for now, so it's time to move into longer-range thinking.

    Posted on February 18:
  • The incoming 12th Planet has now been imaged by an observatory in France. This marks the fourth sighting from an observatory in the past year.

  • Last week saw at least three fireballs over the U.S. and Canada. Expect these to increase as the gravitational influence of the approaching 12th Planet hurls more debris in our direction.

    Posted on February 17:
  • The list of Items to Save has been revised and alphabetized.

  • This past week saw a major news item hinting at earth's slowing rotation, supposedly caused by increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. This slowing will continue until actual stoppage in 2003.

    Posted on February 11:
    The Outdoor Survival page now includes notes from the renowned "SAS Survival Handbook."

    Posted on February 10:
    The Outdoor Survival page now includes notes from "Tom Brown's Field Guide to Living with the Earth." With this book, Brown attempts to convey what other authors tend to avoid -- the experience of living in harmony with the earth. (Where do you think the word harmonica came from?)

    Posted on February 6:
    The Outdoor Survival page takes a new look at the superb "Complete Wilderness Training Book" by Hugh McManners. Unlike other books, this one covers long-term survival needs and illustrates some of the fishing knowledge we'll need to practice.

    Posted on February 3:
  • The Outdoor Survival page now includes notes from "The Survival Handbook" by Peter Darman.

  • Now that it's February, the time until the shift is reduced to 15 months.

  • Last night I saw a faint halo around the moon, and it's been seen in other parts of the country as well. According to the Zetas (February 2), this is from volcanic ash seeping into the atmosphere in reaction to the approaching 12th Planet.

    Posted on January 31:
  • The Outdoor Survival page now includes notes from "The Outdoor Survival Handbook" by Raymond Mears.

    Posted on January 29:
    It's time to start maintaining a lower profile.

    Posted on January 28:
  • Per some recent advice of the Zetas, I don't view gardening as an immediate answer to our nutritional needs. Gardening will be a supplement and perhaps cannot begin in earnest for a couple of years. However, I still consider it crucial to carry and protect a comprehensive seed stock. Also, the Zetas put a damper on the prospects of hunting animals.

  • The recent volcanic eruption in central Africa apparently caught scientists off-guard. Significantly, it's been accompanied by eight-or-so earthquakes of magnitude 4 and greater.

  • The Outdoor Survival page now includes notes from "How to Stay Alive in the Woods" by Bradford Angier.

    Posted on January 14, 2002:
    According to Nancy at ZetaTalk, the 12th Planet has now been photographed. You can either start shitting your pants or you can begin to accept responsibility for why you chose to incarnate at this time.

    Posted on December 30, 2001:
  • Video reviews:
    - From The Woodsmaster series, I've purchased volume two, "Principles of Outdoor Survival Shelters," and volume ten, "Survival Camping". Neither one is worth going out of your way for.
    - From the Buckshot's Wilderness series, I've purchased volume 1, called "Survivor." Get this one. Additional video recommendations will follow in 2002.

  • Now that it's practically January, the time left until the shift is 16 months.

    Posted on December 6:
  • The Outdoor Survival page now includes notes from a couple books on cultivating worms. This completes the review (for now) of books available for free from the library. The next step is to review books purchased at larger bookstores. At the same time, the focus of this site needs to move away from reading and to move toward actual doing, which includes saving necessary items for post-shift life. In addition, I'm beginning to purchase survival-type videos and will start posting comments on this site.

  • Now that it's December, the time left until the shift is 17 months.

  • Personal Note: :) :) :)  Yes I do.

    Posted on November 28:
    The Outdoor Survival page now includes notes from three books about trapping and snaring animals. A couple unique traps are illustrated here. Also, I've posted a couple illustrations regarding fishing and collecting worms.

    Posted on November 24:
    The Outdoor Survival page now includes notes from "The Outdoorsman's Emergency Manual."

    Posted on November 22:
    Significant News: According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this past October was the warmest in recorded earth history.

    Posted on November 18:
    The Outdoor Survival page now includes notes from "The Art & Science of Taking to the Woods" and "Cold-Weather Camping."

    Posted on November 17:
    The Outdoor Survival page now includes interesting information from a cheezy book called "Living Like Indians", published in 1961.

    Posted on November 15:
  • The Outdoor Survival page now includes relevant information from "The Complete Book of Practical Camping" and "America's Camping Book." None of the camping books so far mentioned are worth running out to get, but every once in a while they contain a hidden nugget of useful information.

  • MAJOR NEWS: A huge earthquake of 8.1 magnitude has struck a mountainous region of northwest China. This is the second 8+ earthquake this year.

    Posted on November 13:
  • The Outdoor Survival page now pulls in relevant information from the books "Camping Crafts", "The Campcraft Book" and "Backcountry Camping."

  • Here's a graphic of one type of shelter I'm considering. It's an extension of a traditional
    Indian wigwam, similar to the Navajo hogan pictured atop the Shelter Construction page. I'll flesh out the details as I expand the Shelter page in the coming month.

    Posted on November 12:
  • Over the weekend I picked up a number of books on outdoor survival. In addition, I picked up a few about camping and backpacking, and they offer some good general advice about the outdoors. I'll be working through these over the next couple weeks. First up, I've just picked out some good advice from the "L.L. Bean Hiking and Backpacking Handbook" and another one called "Hiking & Backpacking". The tips appear on the Outdoor Survival page.

  • On yesterday's IRC chat, the Zetas predicted post-shift sunlight levels for the first few years of some 50% of what we're accustomed to now. This figure will have a major bearing for those considering artificial light for garden crops.

    Posted on November 11:
    The Shelter Construction page now includes notes from the book "Building Underground", by Herb Wade. In addition, this site now includes an outside photo of the type of earth-bermed structure we may choose to build post-shift. Notice the strong similarity to the Navajo Indian "hogan" pictured atop the Shelter page. Now, for the next week or so I'll turn my attention back to outdoor survival, with particular emphasis on shelters. After that, I'll pull in some of the Troubled Times / Zeta information on shelters and then chart a plan of action regarding them.

    Posted on November 10:
  • The Shelter Construction page now includes notes from the book "Outdoor Structures", published by Time-Life.

  • Personal Note:   :-)   :-)   :-)   Stay on that line next time!

    Posted on November 9:
    The Shelter Construction page now includes highlights from the book "How to Build Your Own Underground Home".

    Posted on November 8:
    The Shelter Construction page now includes highlights from the book "Low Cost Earth Shelters".

    Posted on November 6:
    The Shelter Construction page now includes highlights from the book "The Homestead Builder", first published in 1872.

    Posted on November 5:
  • The Outdoor Survival page now includes highlights from the book "Wilderness Survival" by Gregory Davenport.

  • The Shelter Construction page now includes highlights from the book "The Complete Earth-Sheltered House" by Charles Woods.

  • The London Observer reports that this past October in Britain may have been the warmest in 1,000 years.

  • The London Telegraph reports on new evidence showing various parts of the earth being hit by a shower of large meteors at the same time, about 2300 B.C., around the same time many cultures went into sudden decline. Sounds like the previous pole shift, eh?

    Posted on November 4:
    The Shelter Construction page has begun.

    Posted on November 3:
  • We have two additional contact persons: Caren from Pennsylvania and Steve from Illinois.

  • Since record keeping began in 1659, the average October temperature in Britain was 10.6 C (51-F). This past October, the average temperature was a full three degrees warmer -- about 13.6 C, or 56.5-F. The science editor of The Irish Times calls this temperature record "stunning." He also mentions a "relentless" rise in average global temperatures over the past decade or so.

  • Now that it's November, we'll update the 'Time Until the Shift' from 1 year, 7 months to "18 months"

    Posted on October 28:
    The Outdoor Survival page has been expanded significantly. Next topic: Shelter construction.

    Posted on October 27:
  • A new page appears on this site today: Root cellaring.

  • Personal Note:   :-)   :-)   :-)

    Posted on October 20:
    As a prelude to the topic of Shelter Construction, I picked up the book "Solar Gardening" by Leandre and Gretchen Poisson. It deals with protective devices one can use to extend the growing season dramatically. Highlights of this fine book are now listed near the top of the Food Production page.

    Posted on October 16:
    A lead story in the October issue of Discover magazine discusses the work of astronomers who believe Planet X is out there.

    Posted on October 15:
    We have two additional contact persons: Jay from Los Angeles and Michael from New York City.

    Posted on October 14:
    We have an additional contact person: Steve, from the Rochester area of upstate New York.

    Posted on October 13:
  • Researchers in Alaska are finding unusual concentrations of deformed frogs. This can be a significant harbinger of an approaching 12th Planet.

  • The rate of warming in the Antarctic is increasing. Another harbinger.

    Posted on October 1:
  • Now that it's October, the main page will note we have one year and seven months remaining until the shift.

  • A new U.N. report details the third year of severe drought in central Asia, extending into eastern Asia and Africa.

  • Here's a photo of an effective crop protector from a book I'm currently reviewing.

    Posted on September 25:
    We have an additional contact person, Andy from Baltimore.

    Posted on September 23:
    The Outdoor Survival page has begun.

    Posted on September 21:
    The tropical island-nation of Sri Lanka is now in the midst of a rare drought, its worst in 50 years. Many children are so undernourished that their hair and nails have stopped growing.

    Posted on September 19:
    A new crop circle has appeared in southern England.

    Posted on September 4:
    Around the world, the Northern Hemisphere has gotten greener over the last 20 years, according to a new study released by NASA. The density of vegetation has increased, and so has the growing season -- by up to 18 days. Heavy stuff.

    Posted on September 1:
  • Now that it's September, the main page will note we have one year and eight months remaining until the shift.

  • I now have the marketing set up for a home-based newsletter service, so now I can get back to more important things like getting to work on the topic of Shelter Construction.

    Posted on August 26:
    After a week of serious procrastination, my fall crops are now planted. They include arugula, lettuce, radishes, spinach, turnips, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, peas, kohlrabi, beets, mustard green, cauliflower, collards, rutabaga, kale, and brussels sprouts.

    Posted on August 20:
    This particularly beautiful crop circle appeared on July 25th, but reports are just circulating now. Alien entities create these to speak to our subconscious about the impending pole shift and subsequent transformation. The crop circle phenomena is perhaps the most significant event taking place on the world stage now.

    Posted on August 17:
  • MAJOR NEWS: This week in England, alien entities have created what some experts are calling the greatest crop circle ever.

  • Wide portions of Canada are now facing their worst drought in memory.

    Posted on August 12:
  • Here's a photo of an elegant crop circle formed in early June, and here's a photo of one that changed on August 1st as researchers watched.

  • Just like here in the USA, southern Italy has been facing a scorching heat wave. On Friday, the city of Amendola reached 105 degrees, its hottest ever.

  • Parts of western Canada may be in the midst of the driest year ever.

    Posted on August 11:
    This one's a little off-topic, but for the past couple weeks I've been establishing a newsletter business. There are several types I can publish, one of them being for newly-engaged couples. To check out a sample, click here. (Some of the formatting has been lost in the transition from print to web, but you get the idea.)

    Posted on August 5:
  • Record heat is gripping parts of the Canadian far north. On July 30, this page noted unusual heat in Arctic regions of Russia as well. This is a serious sign, as the approaching 12th Planet causes earth to heat from the core outwards, contrary to any expectation of your local weatherman.

  • On Friday, the high temperature in Kuwait City reached 123 degrees Fahrenheit. The all-time record there is 124.

  • A new record-high temperature has been recorded for the Arctic region of Russia. On July 25, temperatures in settlements near the Laptev Sea reached 33.6 C (92.5 F). This is the same latitude as the northern-most reaches of Scandinavia, the north coast of Alaska, and central Greenland. If you don't get by now that something very serious is going on, you've got your head in the sand, like 99.8% of the rest of the world.

  • Parts of Pakistan are now facing their worst drought ever.

  • Personal Note: I wish to thank my lucky star for tremendous progress this past week on a new business endeavor of mine, one that I hope will support me as I prepare for the shift. The first proofs from the printer have exceeded my expectations, and just today I defined an additional market for my services, in effect doubling my chances for success. Thank you all (and you know who you are!).

    Posted on August 1:
  • The American Midwest is baking, parts of Central America are gripped in a crippling drought causing widespread hunger, and India this week has seen "red rain" -- possibly a dire sign.

  • Now that it's August, the "Time Left Until the Shift" marker on the home page has been changed from 1 year, 10 months, to 1 year, 9 months.

    Posted on July 30:
    On Sunday, temperatures soared in northern Siberia. The city of Tiksi, Russia recorded a temperature of 80 degrees-F. The normal high this time of year is 50 for this town located 350 miles above the Arctic Circle. Japan and England are also experiencing record heat.

    Posted on July 24:
    On Monday evening, N.E. PA witnessed a major meteorite streak across the sky, along with sonic booms and reports of the ground shaking. We'll see more of this in the next 21 months, as the 12th Planet exerts a push (and later, a pull) upon "space junk", nudging it in earth's direction.

    Posted on July 23:
  • Moscow, as well as most of European Russia and Ukraine, is facing its hottest summer in 100 years.

  • The ZetaTalk site today lists articles that discuss the search for the 10th (a.k.a. 12th) Planet. Over the years, these articles have appeared in Astronomy Magazine, The New York Times, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report.

    Posted on July 20:
    Cape Town, South Africa has just experienced its heaviest July rainfall in 44 years.

    Posted on July 19:
  • In eastern India, over a million people have been marooned by some of the worst flooding in the past 50 years.

  • Not long ago gripped with record hot weather, California is now being hit with unseasonably cool weather. Over the next year and ten months, one of the major indicators of an approaching 12th Planet will be unpredictable weather fluctuations such as this.

  • It looks like the powers-that-be are preparing us for some very intense weather over the next couple hurricane seasons. Rest assured that they know the real reason: The approach of Planet #12.

  • Updates to this site will again be on the light side for the next week to ten days, though I'll continue to post major news headlines. The reason is that I'll be planning out a business startup. I have a background in producing newsletters for businesses as well as for special events such as weddings, and I believe I can turn my skills into a profitable endeavor. Heck, I have to eat! And by the way, I'll probably have to farm out the extra work to someone who also has some experience in the field and has a natural desire to do quality work (and make some quality money on their own terms).

    Posted on July 17:
    Updates have been few in the last 10 days, as I've more than doubled the amount of growing space in the back yard. The work has been exhausting, consisting of digging several raised beds of 4 feet by 4 feet, loosening the soil to a depth of almost 18 inches and making room for a total of over 40 different kinds of vegetables and herbs. This will provide an opportunity for some extensive seed-saving experience. By the way, the vegetables planted last month are absolutely thriving, and I attribute this to the raised beds, loose soil that's never walked on, plenty of compost, the use of fertilizer, and consistent watering. Now, before I move onto the topic of Shelter Construction, over the next couple weeks I'll review two books on solar gardening techniques -- a nice segue, if I don't say so myself.

    Posted on July 16:
    Scotland is on course for its coldest July on record.

    Posted on July 13:
  • Take note of a story published in the respected journal Science last October and carried on the Reuters news service. It mentions rogue planets, near the constellation Orion. They are considered brown dwarfs that all exist "without the discipline of a solar system." They drift along and "look like giant gasballs." The story ends by saying, "There could be similar, hard-to-see planets floating around free near the solar system." (What a remarkable description of the 12th Planet. Stay tuned for even more controlled leaks in the coming months.)

  • Crop circles have appeared this week in southwest Russia, near the Black Sea. Better yet, Russian officials come right out and say it's the work of aliens! This is the first time I recall such a statement coming from a major world power. My God, are we starting to be prepared, or what?

    Posted on July 11:
  • This week's flooding in West Virginia has been termed the worst in its history.
  • Iran and Israel are now gripped in droughts of historic proportion.
  • Let's quote from Plato, as he wrote in Politicus:
      "At certain periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction. There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives."
    When he used the word 'universe', Plato of course meant 'earth'. In 'The Politicus', Plato dutifully recorded ancient accounts of actual polar shifts, where the earth essentially changed the direction of its rotation. And let's not even get into Plato's reminder of what happens to humans. Plato is a pillar of Western philosophy, and to those familiar with his work, his words cannot be taken lightly.

    Posted on July 8:
    Not much in the news today, except for a possible earthquake in Iran, a large aftershock in Peru, and a tornado in northern Italy. Peru is really rockin', with lots of aftershocks. So is Japan. And by the way, the web site for the U.S. Geological Survey has updated the June 23 quake in Peru from an 8.1 to an 8.3 -- in other words, freaken' immense.

    Posted on July 7:
    Work on the vegetable garden continues, and here's a list of this year's crops:
    Arugula, pole beans, bush beans, Fava beans, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, collards, corn, cucumber, dandelion, eggplant, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, Lima beans, melons, okra, parsley, parsnips, peppers, pumpkin, radishes, rutabaga, spinach, squash, sunflowers, Swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, watermelon, and zucchini.

    Posted on July 4:
  • Parts of New Zealand are now facing their longest drought ever, and other parts are experiencing the coldest weather in 30 years. In addition, "unusual" summer snow is hitting Italy. (Record drought and unusual cold are two indicators of an approaching 12th Planet.)

  • Read a little between the lines of this story from The Discovery Channel. One, scientists have discovered "a large reddish chunk" beyond Pluto. (The 12th Planet will indeed appear red when it becomes observable by amateur astronomers next year.) Two, the article confirms the possibility there are additional planets in our solar system. Three, the article mentions that such objects are believed to have "very elongated orbits" around the sun, meaning they make "centuries-long excursions" into deep space (just like the 12th, I might add). This point is confirmed by no less than the director of the renowned Lowell Observatory. Four, the article opens the possibility that even larger planets can exist in this type of elongated orbit. Five, the article mentions "free floating" planets outside of our solar system. (The 12th Planet is a free-floater.) Six, check out the great quote from Lowell's director: "There may exist a new class of planets." If you know a little about how big-time journalism works, this article gives every indication of being "a controlled leak", given the stamp of approval by the highest levels of our government, so as to inform the public -- ever so slowly -- about the approaching 12th Planet. However, there's little chance the government/media will ever come right out and say anything, even in the immediate days before the global cataclysms that will eliminate 90% of the world's population in a matter of a few weeks. So in May 2003, when the earth stops rotating and we experience three straight days of daylight and you start to shit your pants, don't say you weren't warned.

    Posted on July 3:
    Back in late April when this web site was first put up, I listed several warning signs that would indicate the 12th Planet is indeed nearing Earth. One of these signs would be unusual fluctuations in our daily temperatures, specifically warm & hot snaps followed by inexplicable cool & cold snaps. To a small degree, this has occurred in the United States this week. After days of summer heat and humidity, temperatures on Monday reached record lows across several states from Iowa to New Jersey, and it was darn chilly in N.E. Pennsylvania as well. In particular, Muskegon, Michigan had its coldest July morning on record, reaching down to 39 degrees. You can check out more of the story in the Las Vegas Sun. Personally, I'm concerned about an early frost and the damage it would cause vegetable gardens, so I may need to stock up on protective coverings earlier than I had thought. If crops are killed by frost, this will reduce the supply of seeds available to us, seeds necessary for our survival after the likely cataclysms of May 2003.

    Posted on July 1:
  • The initial "Saving Seeds" page is now complete. The focus now shifts to shelter construction, followed by outdoor survival in general. But first, I need at least an entire week to upgrade the back yard to allow for planting additional heirloom seeds, courtesy of the TT Seed Team.

  • Now that it's July, we'll update the "Time Until the Shift" (on the main page) from 1 year, 11 months to 1 year, 10 months.

  • Last Monday I planted some heirloom Black Valentine bush bean seeds, and just this morning I noticed the plants are already two inches high, with the percentage of germination at least 80%. This is exciting stuff!

  • The Contacts Page is still small, but nearly every one of you mentioned the same thing: The difficulty of getting friends and family to realize the gravity of what may be upon us in May 2003. Almost without fail, each person says something like "My friends think I'm nuts." Even though I've been aware of the impending shift for four years now, I've still only told two other people directly. A couple years ago I told a brother in Chicago, and he still doesn't believe me. But then a couple months ago, I told a very special friend. I half-expected her to think I'm a kook, but as we all know, there are times when you have to same something regardless of the outcome. I'm happy to report that as of two days ago, I realize this friend hasn't written me off as a looney-tune, and this has created enormous space in my life to just be myself and keep working at the job of preparation. So all I'm saying is if you think someone should know, if you think they're open-minded enough to hear what you're saying, take a chance and tell them. It might backfire and you'll get a little egg on your face, but at least your conscience will be clear.

    Posted on June 30:
  • Work on the "Saving Seeds" page continues as key points are added from "The Seed-Starter's Handbook" by Nancy Bubel. Of the three books mentioned on that page, this one is the best. Things should be wrapped up by early Sunday evening.

    Posted on June 28:
  • MAJOR NEWS: The U.S. Geological Survey now registers last week's quake in Peru at a whopping 8.1, making it the world's largest quake in at least the last 3-1/2 years. Under commonly accepted terms, a quake of 8.0 or greater is no longer considered "major." It's called "great." Also, Peru has experienced a number of significant aftershocks ranging from 5.5 to a hefty 6.8.

  • Another quake in the Ring of Fire: This time it's a 5.9 that struck today in Indonesia. If we are to experience a pole shift in May 2003, one giveaway piece of evidence will be "domino quakes" -- as we've seen around the Ring of Fire in the past week. Earth's tectonic plates are now in a state of deep "lockdown", so that a quake in one area can cause a ricochet effect and lead to a quake in another area.

    Posted on June 27:
  • Two more quakes in the Ring of Fire: A 5.0 struck Taiwan early today, and a 5.7 hit Canada's Yukon territory on Monday.

  • We have an additional Contact Person: Laura from New York City.

  • The "Saving Seeds" page now contains highlights of the book "Heirloom Vegetable Gardening" by William Weaver. Next up is "The Seed-Starter's Handbook" by Nancy Bubel.

    Posted on June 26:
    Three mild quakes shook the usually quake-free area of Spokane, Washington on Monday. Like the Philippines and Peru, Spokane is located along the proverbial Ring of Fire.

    Posted on June 25:
  • The Ring of Fire is a little more restless. Now there's been a 5.7 quake on Russia's Kuril Islands. Also over the weekend, an undersea earthquake struck near the Greek island of Rhodes, in the Aegean Sea.

  • The initial "Saving Seeds" page is now about two-thirds complete, with key points from one more book on the way.

    Posted on June 24:
  • The Ring of Fire is restless. First, there's been a huge 7.9 earthquake off the coast of Peru, also felt in neighboring countries. Also, thousands of people are fleeing Mount Mayon in the Philippines as a volcanic explosion appears imminent. Both stories are well covered on the BBC World News site. If the 12th Planet is indeed on the way, and sources indicate its speed is now picking up as it approaches its Earth passage, we can expect much more earthquake and volcanic activity over the next year and ten months. Do you think I most of my free time in preparation for the good of my health? In a way, yes, but I'd much rather be at the beach!

  • The initial "Saving Seeds" page is now 50% complete, and work will continue on it today -- after I get my Sunday-morning fix of Starbucks coffee.

    Posted on June 23:
    The page called "Saving Seeds" begins today with reviews of the three books listed on the update for June 18th.

    Posted on June 20:
    This has been a week for shopping -- for vegetable plants and seeds, that is. Well, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that I've got a variety of plants in the ground now. The bad news is that they're all hybrids -- meaning the strains are mixed and matched by seed companies to produce a strong plant for one season. But if you sow the seeds from these plants the following season, you're apt to get inferior results. More bad news: I learned it's hard, if not impossible, to find quality heirloom seeds in your typical nursery, but the good news is that you can find good sources online. In fact, I just ordered a nice variety of heirloom seeds today from a place in western Pennsylvania called, appropriately enough, Heirloom Seeds.

    As for vegetable sources in N.E. Pennsylvania, I first tried Lowe's, Home Depot, and Walmart, just to get their garden centers out of my system. Hybrid City, and I don't think I'll go back very often. Rave's Garden Center in Clarks Summit was fair, but the guy gave me the third degree when I asked about non-hybrid seeds. I stopped at Greystone Gardens in the Summit, but I'm just not the type to shop in a tea-and-scones environment more suited to someone forking over a couple grand to spruce up last year's landscaping job. Finally, I stopped at Corky's Garden Center on Route 347 in Justus -- the place I liked the most. But then again, no heirloom seeds. In fact, the guy said, "I don't know much about that stuff." Well, ex-cuuuuuse me! Bottom line, the seeds sold in stores around here won't be viable enough to last us for years and years through the aftertime, so it looks like we'll have to get them through mail-order sources.

    Posted on June 18:
  • Bingo! Now that the current focus of this site has shifted from square-foot gardening to the proper cultivation of seeds, I've picked up a copy of "The Seed-Starter's Handbook" by Nancy Bubel (available at the Scranton, PA library). A review should appear on this site within a week. Also, I've reserved "Heirloom Vegetable Gardening" by William Weaver. If you live in Northeast Pennsylvania, it's listed as "on the stacks" at the Scranton library, though I couldn't find it. The book deals extensively with seed care. I've also reserved "Garden Way's 'Growing & Saving Vegetable Seeds' " by Marc Rogers. This one looks superb, and it's listed as being on the stacks at the Carbondale library.

  • An interesting story at Earth Changes TV discuss how Venus may have
    flipped its axis
    several times through the ages. If Venus can do it, so can earth (on a regular basis), and the next flip is due in two years. I hope you're getting ready.

  • Add Pakistan to the list of countries experiencing severe drought, its worst in decades.

    Posted on June 17:
  • The initial Food Production page is now complete. It now includes introductory information on saving and storing seeds, as well as on hydroponics.

    Posted on June 16:
  • South Korea is now facing its worst drought in a century, according to CNN. North Korea has also been ravaged, as has parts of China and Mongolia. Last week, reports emerged about a severe drought in Afghanistan, and the link appears below.

  • We have a new contact person, this time from upstate New York.

  • The Food Production page now includes valuable points from the video "How to Grow Plants in a Greenhouse."

    Posted on June 15:
  • The Food Production page now includes a thorough look at the book
    "Square Foot Gardening," which puts a strong emphasis on producing more with less.

  • A story regarding polar melt, found at CBS News.com, offers more evidence that earth's core may be warming in response to the approaching 12th Planet. For instance, native hunters are now falling through the ice in places where it used to be solid.

    Posted on June 10:
    The Food Production page now contains the highlights of the video "How to Grow Cool-Weather Vegetables."

    Posted on June 9:
    • The Food Production page now contains the key points of a great book called "The Vegetable Gardener's Bible," by Edward Smith. I've just added brief descriptions of those plants that may survive better in post-shift conditions.
    • Also added are the key points of the video "How to Grow Warm-Weather Vegetables."
    • Today I completed preparation of my 120-square-foot garden, divided into
      5-1/2 sections of 4' by 4'. I'll allow the soil to settle for a few days before planting.
    • A new United Nations report shows that Afghanistan is now facing its worst drought in 30 years, millions of people are starving, and many of them have taken to eating grasshoppers and animal feed. Wheat and barley crops have almost totally failed.
    • Chicago is now experiencing unusually cool temperatures and may set a 102-year-old record in this regard.
    • As of Saturday morning at 10:30, the city of Houston is now experiencing "its worst storm in years," according to this CNN report. One part of the Houston area has received 19 inches of rain in four days. This is just the tip of the iceberg, kiddies.

    Posted on June 4:
    The new Food Production page now contains the highlights of four gardening videos.

    Posted on June 3:
    A couple readers of the ZetaTalk site suggest the earth's rotation has already begun to slow down by a couple minutes a year or more. If true, the rate would be unprecedented. On the linked page, check out the articles posted from May 31st and later. If your watches and clocks seem to be running a tad fast, maybe it's not you afterall.

    Posted on June 2:
    The new "Contacts" page begins today, as does the new Food Production page.

    Posted on June 1:
    Two items that may relate to a heating of the earth's core, which could be caused by the approach of Planet X:

    Posted on May 28:
  • The world's premiere news service, Reuters, reports on first-hand observations that polar ice is melting at an alarming rate. The typical reason most scientists give is global warming. But wouldn't it make sense that polar ice could also melt because earth's moon-sized core is heating up? Such heating could occur due to the magnetic/gravitational effects of an approaching monster-sized planet. The effects upon earth would include polar melt, melting of the arctic permafrost, increased volcanic activity, unusual fish, bird & animal migrations (and bee-pollination patterns), erratic, unpredictable weather patterns, and warming oceans. In the last couple days alone, earthquakes have struck Japan, Russia, China, Iran, Indonesia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

  • I intended to begin the Food Production page by today, but here's my lame excuse: Take one guy and two credit cards and throw in Home Depot and the Walmart paint department on a Saturday morning, and you've got three days' worth of home-repair projects.

    Posted on May 27:
  • A BBC article from October 13, 1999 lends credence to the likelihood that another planet exists in our solar system.

    Posted on May 22:
  • The initial Energy Production page is now complete.

  • Posted on May 19:
  • A Stunning Find: In an article that discusses the Pioneer 10 & 11 space probes, the 1987 edition of "The New Science & Invention Encyclopedia" matter-of-factly charts the position of Planet X (the 10th/12th Planet). To view the chart,
    click here: Pioneer 10 & 11. Folks, I'm not bullshitting you. It's there.

  • Brazil, the world's fifth-most-populous country, is now experiencing
    the worst drought in 70 years, resulting in electrical power cutbacks. Expect to see more drought worldwide, if not locally.

    Posted on May 14:
  • Let's quote Einstein:
      "In a polar region there is a continual deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed about the pole. The earth's rotation acts on these unsymmetrically deposited masses [of ice], and produces centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The constantly increasing centrifugal momentum produced in this way will, when it has reached a certain point, produce a movement of the Earth's crust over the rest of the Earth's body, and this will displace the polar regions toward the equator."

    - from Einstein's introduction to "The Path of the Pole"
    by Charles Hapgood

    Einstein was perhaps the greatest mind of the 20th century. What he's saying here is that the earth's crust is not an immovable object in relation to the earth's core. The crust can move, separate from the core, and indeed does so every 3,657 years in violent fashion.

    Posted on May 13:

  • In October 1999, Dr. John Murray of the Open University (England) published findings that reveal intriguing patterns in the orbits of visible comets. Murray suggests these patterns could be explained by the existence of a huge, undiscovered planetary object orbiting our sun: Astronomy Now.
    Murray's conclusions coincide with findings of Dr. John Matese of the University of Louisiana, as reported by the BBC Online. Note that the BBC refers to this object as the potential "10th Planet", which is one and the same as the 12th if we don't consider the moon and the sun as planets, as some of the ancients did. In particular, the ancient Sumerians considered the sun and the moon to be planets, and they were aware of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto -- 6,000 years ago. We didn't discover Pluto until 1930. The Murray/Matese story is also available at
    ABC News.com and MSNBC. Listen, folks. Something is there.

  • The Talmud records the oral tradition of the Jews. One passage (Berachoth 58b) tells us that when a comet passes through the constellation Orion, the world would be destroyed. The 12th Planet approaches from Orion, and the planetary orbits in our solar system may in fact lean toward Orion in response to the gravitational influence of this 12th Planet (known as Marduk or Niburu/Nibiru to some). In addition, the Book of Revelation mentions our moon "red like blood," which will occur in the days before the shift as the tail of the 12th deposits a fine red dust. Also note the prophecy of Isaiah (24:19-20): "The earth is thoroughly shaken. It reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind." Clearly, this is a description of the actual shift, by someone who has been there. You can't make stuff like this up, and it's not an allegory. The Bible is replete with descriptions of prior pole shifts and warnings about the upcoming one. I am hardly a "Bible whacker" and I don't look to it for guidance (maybe I should!). Not being attached to the Bible in a religious sense, I can look at it more objectively. Even so, I find a document whose meaning becomes ultra-clear and relevant when viewed in the context of the coming polar shift. The Bible tells it like it is.

  • Posted on May 12:
  • Research indicates that elliptical orbits may be the norm in our galaxy, especially for large planets. One reason people resist accepting the possibility of a 12th Planet in our solar system is that its orbit falls outside of our normal frame of reference, namely that planets always have circular orbits. In addition, the research suggests these large planets can cause extensive damage when they approach smaller ones. For more info, click here: San Francisco State University

  • In the early stages, before dome-type structures can be erected, we may need to shelter ourselves in what may be termed survival trenches. Such a trench would be dug several feet into the earth and could be covered with a car hood to help deflect the probable firestorms, hailstones, and flying rocks. The car hood or sheet metal would be covered with a layer of dirt, perhaps in a dome shape to deflect wind, and would be tied down for additional security. A survival trench would also need roof bracing, drainage, air vents, insulation, and two entry hatches. Such trenches would call less attention to themselves than would domes, an important consideration in the early stages when groups of unprepared survivors may wish to take advantage of those who have prepared. We are too close for comfort to the huge New York/New Jersey population center, and some of these people will migrate our way, not having known what's hit them. Survival trenches are simple to build, another important consideration because we cannot be lugging many materials around.
  • Firearms: I'm leaning against them. For starters, the ammo will eventually run out anyway, though it could be argued we'll only need ammo in the initial stages until the unprepared are no longer able to survive on their own. Also, some people in our own group will predictably "lose it", given the intense pressures and challenges we'll face. Therefore we can anticipate some suicides, and these people may be tempted to take out others in the process. Thus we don't want them to have access to firearms. Also, without silencers the use of firearms will call attention to ourselves for miles around, and this could leave us in a vulnerable position. Basically, we can die of our own weaponry. Therefore, I believe our best defense is both a low profile and a service-to-other framework, and I've received this advice from a source that knows and can be trusted. This is an additional reason to work in STO mode beginning now.

  • Posted on May 8:
  • On September 13, 2000, the Russian government tipped its hand a little bit, mentioning "a chain of disasters" expected to hit that country in 2003. The story was reported by the Reuters News Service. According to former prime minister Primakov, these disasters will affect "the very existence" of Russia.
    Check out the second item on this page: Reprinted from Reuters, Sept. 13, 2000

  • In 1981, in Fuida, Germany, it is reported that Pope John Paul II was asked about the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima. Here is his reply, as documented here:
      "Due to the seriousness of the contents of the Fatima secret, my predecessors in the Throne of Peter have preferred to postpone the publication. Furthermore, it may be enough to the Christian people to know that, if there is a message saying that the oceans will flood whole parts of the globe, and millions of people will die, from a minute to another, it is not really the case to will the publication of this secret message."
    I wish to challenge Pope John Paul on one point. Instead of "millions," he should have said "billions."

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