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My name is Mike O'Hara, born and raised in Scranton. I am trained as a journalist (Fordham University / New York), and have worked in media on the local, national, and international levels. For the past several years I've supported myself by performing professional massage, which is more gratifying to me than journalism. But as this web site helps demonstrate, the journalism bug isn't fully out of me yet. Anyway, comprehensive massage way well become one of our most vital post-shift skills.

In 1994, I had a powerful experience that to this day I've shared with virtually no one -- neither family nor friends. Since then, I've learned that such reluctance is common among people who experience similar events. At the time, I was running a hugely effective pen pal service for teenagers, one of the top five such services in the world. The service was global, though it concentrated on forging friendships between American and Russian youth. This endeavor was dear to my heart, and it's the part of my life of which I'm most proud. At the same time, I was also caring for an elderly aunt and a father in a wheelchair. In retrospect, I don't know if I'd ever be able to handle such a workload again. But the reason I mention this is because I believe the combined experience of running the pen pal service while caring for two other people helped prepare me for the message I received.

I forget the exact month, but one night in 1994 I awoke at perhaps 3 or 4 in the
morning to feel an incredible resonance in my bedroom, as if the air was vibrating just like a massage bed. I didn't just feel the resonance, I heard its loud hum, which also seemed to fill the room. Though it was pitch dark, I could clearly see a machine-like, drone-like alien being at the foot of my bed, speaking to me in a cross between telepathy and English. The being appeared neither male nor female, though it had a distinctly male forcefulness and tone. This being looked right at me, and I sat up in the bed, not afraid, just mesmerized. The reality of the experience was so intense, involving all the senses, so hard to put into language, that it could not have been a dream. In fact, it was more "real" than most of waking life. (If it were a dream, I doubt I could still recall the episode so vividly, some seven years later.) During this encounter, the being told me "You'll have nine years." It also told me something else that I won't relay at this time, and then it left me with an unspoken challenge to figure out the meaning. That took me about three years.

Beginning around 1997, I "stumbled" across a web site called ZetaTalk. With exhausting detail, the site explains how the earth will undergo radical changes in the late spring or early summer of 2003, and that these changes will coincide with a gradual quantum leap in earth's spiritual orientation -- away from a service-to-self mindset that now rules, toward a mindset that's distinctly service-to-other. The integrity of thought was so compelling on the Zeta site that I knew it was for real. The site also explains that visitations such as the one I received are increasingly common, especially among those of us leaning toward the service-to-other orientation, which I hesitate to suggest applies to me for fear of sounding pompous. But the point I'm trying to make is that after reading through the Zeta web site, I realized that the coming earth changes are precisely what the alien being was warning me about three years earlier, and that the lifestyle I had chosen at the time prepared me for the visitation. If on the other hand my purpose in life had been money and status, I'd be in the dark, and by the summer of 2003 I'd be dead because I wouldn't be prepared. Note that the year 2003 coincides with the time frame given to me by the alien being.

One other note on time frames: Back in 1989, I took out a post office box for the pen pal service that I ran for the next 11 years. The number was assigned to me at random. In 1997, I learned that one orbit of the 12th planet takes 3,657 earth years. Would you like to guess the box number I was assigned eight years earlier? 3657. When I saw this number expressed as the orbit of the 12th Planet, I was numb for a couple hours.

As of the spring of 2002, my challenge is to now spend most of my time preparing for the coming polar shift, which will radically alter the world as we know it and possibly wipe out most of humanity. I am blessed because many of my material needs are already taken care of and I don't have to work full time at a meaningless job. But the job of preparation is so immense and the needed skills are so varied that it must be done as a group, not as an individual. Where to find people? Just start looking around at your friends, family, and neighbors.

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